How We Help

When you need help understanding your choices or applying for long-term care Medicaid, let the experienced professional at Senior Resource Planning assist you in making informed decisions.

Make Sure Your Claim Is Successful By Getting the Support You Need

Choosing Medicaid representation is especially important in the earliest stages of the Medicaid approval process. Without help, your initial application may be denied, and the delays associated with filing appeals are lengthy. With assistance from SRP, you get support wherever you are in the process and our approval rates are higher than the national average.

An Expert Guide to Make Your Medicaid Journey Easier

Understanding how to navigate Medicaid planning and the application is a complex process. It’s easier to tackle with an expert like SRP.

An already demanding journey doesn’t need more obstacles. By choosing SRP, you have found a team who is focused on finding a simpler, easier way, and that’s what we do. 


Why SRP for Long-Term Care Planning?

At SRP, we’re here to help you find out if you’re eligible for long-term care Medicaid. If you are not, can we do anything to help you meet the eligibility requirements. Senior Resource Planning assists older adults needing long-term care through counselling, advocacy and education.

You get something different when you choose SRP

We pride ourselves in focusing on the things that make a difference in your Medicaid planning experience.


Application Assessment

We've built a convenient online tool to help you determine whether you need Medicaid eligibility. You'll also receive a free custom cost & savings analysis when using the tool.

Nationwide Assistance

Your location is our location. We provide national assistance, from application to fair hearings and beyond.

Personalized Experience

You have access to experts who specialize in long-term care Medicaid consulting and have accumulated decades of experience.

Satisfaction Rate

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our customers tell us they're satisfied with their experience and would recommend us to a friend or family member.

Expert Assistance Makes All the Difference

It’s worth getting expert help when applying for Medicaid benefits. You can get the support you deserve with professional representation while protecting your assets. You can feel confident knowing:

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Understand your options and what’s available to you

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