Our Mission

Senior Resource Planning is the premier nationwide support services provider for Extended Care Planning and Long-Term Care Medicaid  Planning. It is our mission to educate and assist in any way you need, to get you the benefits you deserve.

We Are Here for YOU

Whether you’re planning ahead or already in a challenging situation, we can help you get the long-term care you or your loved one needs without going broke. You deserve to sleep well at night knowing your loved one is getting care where they want, and you were able to preserve assets and income to maintain your lifestyle and future care needs.

At Senior Resource Planning, we spent the last 20 years providing hundreds of families with choices that allow them to utilize long-term care plans or access Medicaid to get the care they need while preserving assets. You can too.

Don’t burn yourself out by becoming the primary caregiver by yourself. 

With expert guidance, you will be empowered with more choices than you thought possible and the financial security you deserve.

You CAN maintain the life you want while getting the care needed.

The Story Behind Senior Resource Planning

Hi, I’m Lynn, 

Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP), Certified in Long Term Care® (CLTC) and licensed Insurance Broker.

I started Senior Resource Planning after over fifteen years of working on the front lines of rehabilitation and long-term care. I saw firsthand the difficulties patients had trying to navigate a complicated health care system. They were fighting hard for help when they should have been focused on recovery and leading happy, healthy lives.

I’ve watched as families struggled to try and get care for themselves or their loved ones. I opened SRP as my way of making those challenges disappear. For me, the most satisfying moment is the relief and happiness I hear when we can show someone they’re not stuck, that they have options, and that help is possible.

Our team members have decades of experience.  Our services are all about you and what you need.

Let us be your guide.

Richard Donato

Protecting legacies is my passion. I’m a connector and relationship-builder. I’m also an opportunity seeker—not just for myself, but for others.

I started my first business from my dorm room, grew it beyond my expectations, and now use those lessons to help others create lasting legacies. 

Working together, we created two businesses to serve the needs of professionals and individual clients.  We:

  • Are experts at navigating the “Medicaid Maze.”
  • Provide education and information on Medicaid and Medicare to individuals and families.
  • Work collaboratively with professionals in the field of long-term care such as attorneys, financial advisors, agents, nursing homes, etc. (Medicaid Success Select)
  • Recommend the right long-term care solution: insurance, Medicare, and long-term care Medicaid options for our individual clients. (Senior Resource Planning)

        their clients if they don’t get it right the first time!


Why Work With a CMP & CLTC?

Certified Medicaid Planners are recognized for understanding and mastery of long- term care Medicaid Planning.

  • Only designation of its kind.
  • Fully accredited by the NCCA.
  • One of only 7 accredited financial designations.
  • Recognized by FINRA.
  • First-ever universal ethics code.
  • Rigorous examination.

With the Senior Resource Planning team on your side, you will never have to face these challenges alone.

The Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC) designation was created in 1999. The area of long-term care is primarily focused on the tools of providing care over a prolonged period of time.

A professional with a CLTC designation has acquired the critical tools necessary to discuss the subject of longevity and its acute consequences on a client’s family – financially, physically, and emotionally – years down the road.

The best way to protect families from the potential devastation of long-term care is not to sell a product but instead, offer advice that leads to a plan to mitigate those consequences.

The CLTC designation has been recognized and supported by The American College, NAIFA, and major insurance carriers.

How We Help

When it’s time for Extended Care Planning, or there is a need for Long Term Care, the choices can be overwhelming. SRP can make your decisions easier.

When you need assistance understanding your options for advanced planning or applying for long-term care Medicaid, you need an expert. There is so much complexity and so many options that it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know the system to understand. Our specialized services get results.

Having an expert guide makes all of the difference. That’s why it’s easier to tackle with an expert like SRP.


If you only have health coverage through Original Medicare, you may be concerned that your benefits do not include dental or vision coverage. To get such coverage, you will have to seek out and enroll in a qualified plan that offers the benefits you need. Dental and vision insurance are not required by the Affordable Care Act, therefore you don’t have to worry about facing penalties for not buying coverage.

Understand your options and what’s available to you

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