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Senior Resource Planning provides families with choices so they can secure the best option to pay for long-term care.

Protect Your Live Savings

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Preserve Your Families Physical, Emotional & Financial Health

Long-Term Care Is Expensive and Being A
Caregiver Can Be Challenging

Don't Leave Your Family Alone to Figure It Out

The median cost of care is $268 per day or $97,747 per year and, contrary to what most people believe Medicare and health insurance don’t cover it.

Many people assume their spouse, children or other family members will take care of them.  However, 78% of individuals surveyed worry that they would not be able to provide adequate care if somebody in their family needed it. More than half of sons and nearly half of daughters surveyed hope they don’t have to become their parents’ caregiver.

Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Life Savings by Finding the Long-Term Care Plan That Fits Your Financial Needs.

We're Here To Help Guide You

We know how difficult it is when you want to plan for Long-term care or have a loved on that needs care now. The options to pay for long-term care are confusing, and the stakes for you and your family are too high to feel confused.

We started SRP to provide an unbiased and education-focused service to individuals wanting to understand the best financial long-term care plan for them.

We’ve helped hundreds of families pay for long-term care without draining their life savings and enabling their loved ones to get the help and support they need.

Whatever financial situation you’re in, we can help you become eligible for Long-term care Medicaid or plan for the future by maximizing your current assets with creative long-term care options and strategies.

SRP’s team members are Certified Medicaid Planners and independent insurance brokers.  We work for you, not the insurance companies. Ensuring you have access to the best possible solution. 

Imagine feeling empowered and relieved knowing you or your loved one is getting the long-term care needed, and you found the smartest way to pay for it.



We Have Solutions for Every Situation

Whether You’re Planning in Advance or in a Crisis,
We Can Help Your Family Find the Best
Financial Plan


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Become empowered with flexible choices that help you access the best care and keep the financial security you deserve.

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To help you plan for the future, become eligible for Medicaid or find other long-term care options that will maximize your assets in creative ways.

Take a deep breath

knowing that you’ve secured the best situation possible, while you or your loved one is taken care of for life.

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Feel at peace knowing you’re making the best financial decisions for yourself or your loved one.

Nobody should lose their life savings to pay for their care.

The right guidance can get you the best care without going broke or uprooting your life.