Long-Term Care Medicaid Services

Every individual’s situation is different. In some cases, only one spouse is in the position to need Medicaid assistance while the other remains healthy and self-sufficient. In others, both spouses need Medicaid assistance. Both situations are unique and different and require different financial and Medicaid planning approaches to ensure everyone’s needs are met. For those who are single and have minimal income or assets, being accepted into Medicaid is much easier provided no procedural errors occur. In cases like this hiring, a planning professional is not necessary but can still be helpful for family members overwhelmed and wanting assistance with the Medicaid application.  

In many cases, the individual attempting to plan for the healthcare needs of the individual needing them is a family member who is unfamiliar with the Medicaid maze. Attempting to navigate the system can add additional stress on top of an already stressful situation. That is where a professional Medicaid Planner comes in.

Full Medicaid Planning Service

Our service supports families in making informed choices about how and when they should help a loved one apply for Medicaid benefits.

Our friendly experts help you gain answers to questions such as:

  • Is my elderly relative eligible for long-term care Medicaid benefits?
  • Does my loved one have to spend down their assets?
  • Will my parents need to sell their home to qualify?
  • How do we complete the application?
  • When should we start this process?
  • How can we save money for the applicant’s spouse

A Focused Plan

Each client starts with a free consultation to determine eligibility for your loved one. If you decide to continue with the Medicaid planning service, our team goes straight to work for you.

  • Evaluating present or future exposure to the risk of asset depletion from the Medicaid spenddown
  • Restructuring assets to comply with eligibility requirements and to minimize the overall depletion of resources
  • We coordinate with you to gather all the necessary financial documents that must be included with your relative’s Medicaid application.
  • Once a person meets all eligibility requirements, we file a Medicaid application with the state/county social services office and processing that application through to approval
  • In the event of an improper denial, advocating for the applicant through appropriate channels.

Based on the information you provide, our team of experts work together to create a comprehensive, immediate plan of action that will give you the peace of mind you need and give your loved one the care and security they deserve.

Comprehensive Benefits Consultation

This is the perfect starting point for many families.  For some, it’s all they need. For others, it lays the foundation for a complete Medicaid Planning package later down the road.  No matter what level of Medicaid awareness you have, a Benefits Consultation will provide clarity and confidence for moving forward.

During this phone or video meeting, you will have time to ask questions about Medicaid and the application process.  You can also share your plans or goals for helping your loved ones live a financially stable life with the care they need.

Our extensive experience in helping families with this process allows us to understand the frustrations of planning for long-term care.  So this meeting is all about how we can serve you by providing answers and guidance.

Have Questions?  Call us at 973-898-5959

A Focused Plan

We then prepare a customized plan with recommendations for making the most of your financial situation to best care for your elderly loved one. You will receive a written plan, providing a clear understanding of the best path forward for your family.

The plan will detail the following:

  • An explanation of how your loved one can manage their resources to afford to pay for care.  
  • An Analysis of current income and assets relating to care. Identification of those assets as either exempt or countable.  Plan to spend down or transfer any problem assets
  • A localized estimate of the costs under different kinds of long-term care in your family member’s state. Including how long you can afford care with no plan and what you save with the plan.
  • Plan to avoid future costs for spouse and or children.
  • Ways to preserve assets and income for a spouse and or pass a legacy on to children.
  • Action plan to transition from private pay to Medicaid (if needed) before assets are depleted.
  • A credit that can be used towards our full Medicaid Planning service.
  • Request for a **resource assessment by Medicaid if deemed necessary.

Common Question : What is a Resource Assessment?

An assessment of financial resources for Medicaid purposes. The assessment is used to determine a couple’s total countable resources by Medicaid. From this information, a one-half “spousal share” for the spouse is established. If it becomes necessary for the spouse to apply for Medicaid, the “spousal share” up to the current maximum will be the “community spouse resource standard.” This is the amount of resources the community spouse can keep without any additional planning (states will vary).

Help With Medicaid Denials

Have you been denied Medicaid Benefits?  We may be able to help get it reversed. Don’t give up! If your initial application has been denied, SRP can help you with your appeal – even if you applied for Medicaid benefits on your own. People who use a representative for Medicaid appeals or fair hearings are more likely to have a favorable decision than those who don’t. Improve your chances with SRP on your side.

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